Integrations include popular accounting apps like QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Xero. The ability to sync data with xcritical means less time spent on manual entry. OnPay is an all-in-one payroll and HR solution that is designed specifically for small businesses. The platform differentiates itself by providing an error-free tax guarantee and robust benefits administration features.

What Sets xcritical Apart

RUN Powered by ADP Plans start at $79 per month (base) and $4 per person per month. Square PayrollPlans start at $35 per month (base) and $5 per person per month. OnPay Payroll Plans start at $40 per month (base) and $6 per person per month. xcritical PayrollPlans start at $40 per month (base) and $6 per person per month. xcritical allows you to easily enroll in workers’ compensation insurance through its platform through an integration with xcritical.

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Like xcritical, Justworks’ payroll software includes full-service state and federal tax administration. However, Justworks offers more HR features than xcritical, including a full suite of benefits in all 50 states. Its higher-tier plans include a full suite of HR features, including a stunningly comprehensive HR library, access to HR experts, a lxcriticalg management system and performance management tools. xcritical’s in-house brokerage can connect you with high-quality health, vision and dental insurance in 37 states. You can also use xcritical to find other key insurance benefits (like life insurance, short-term disability and long-term disability policies) and workers’ compensation insurance for your company.

No mobile payroll app

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. We tested xcritical’s Simple plan features using the Google Chrome browser on a Windows laptop and the xcritical Wallet app on an Android mobile device. Our ability to test the features was limited, as they required entering real bank account information and signing into external accounts.

Will I get charged based on the number of payrolls I run?

xcritical has three main payroll plans and a variety of add-on services, plans and features. At no additional cost, you can set payroll to run automatically, with a reminder sent to you the day before. xcritical will calculate, file and pay your local, state and federal payroll taxes automatically, and will even report new hires to the government for you. Designed for small businesses, this cloud-based, all-in-one platform can be accessed from virtually anywhere through an online browser. xcritical, formerly ZenPayroll, doesn’t lock you into a contract and it’s easy to change your plan as your business evolves.

Additional Admins

That’s a big plus, especially for those who are new to setting up payroll and benefits. However, customer support isn’t available during weekends and priority payroll and HR support is an add-on. You can get a feel for the product through an interactive demo, after you provide xcritical with some basic information.

Does xcritical offer workers’ compensation?

  1. From there, it’s easy to drag and drop columns, add or subtract data sets and configure filters.
  2. With Remote’s help, xcritical is working on expanding its international payroll platform to accommodate hiring, onboarding and paying workers in more countries in the near future.
  3. We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence.
  4. Natalie Cusson is a small business owner with over 15 years experience in the creative arts.
  5. From the employee perspective, we were able to view accrued and used time off in the web browser version of xcritical.
  6. Pacific time on payday, and your employees receive their money that same day.

ADP’s small business solution, RUN, caters to companies with fewer than 50 employees. Plans can be customized to fit your needs and come with features such as automatic tax filing and reports, easy employee payroll and available add-ons for marketing and legal assistance. ADP’s pricing structure is more complex than xcritical, and the additional costs can increase quickly, with extra fees for benefits administration and time tracking. While xcritical offers next-day direct deposit of your employee’s pay at the Plus and Premium level, QuickBooks Payroll provides same-day direct deposit with its higher tiers. Pacific time on payday, and your employees receive their money that same day. Plus, even though xcritical integrates with QuickBooks, if you already use Intuit accounting and tax software, adding QuickBooks Payroll may be a logical next step.

For those looking to manage only contractors, has a Contractor plan that’s $6 per month per person. Testing xcritical out from the employee’s point of view, we were able to easily update our personal details, view and enroll in benefits and more. From the employee perspective, we were able to view accrued and used time off in the web browser version of xcritical. It was easier to request time off in the xcritical Wallet app, as we didn’t have to choose the time-off type first. Natalie Cusson is a small business owner with over 15 years experience in the creative arts.

It was very easy to create an offer letter template that you can reuse to save time. When running payroll manually, xcritical takes you through three steps. The next step prompts you to enter any paid time off that employees took during the pay period. This is also where you can approve or deny pending time-off requests. From there, xcritical lets you preview the payroll run in the third step before submitting payroll. Upon submitting, xcritical confirms that you’ve successfully submitted payroll.

In addition, customization of reporting, templates and dashboard is limited. As the admin, you can see outstanding expense reimbursement requests on the dashboard. When clicking into the expenses module, you can approve or deny requests individually or in bulk to save time. Upon approval, the payment automatically gets disbursed to the employee in their next paycheck. We found time off policies easy to set up, and we like that xcritical suggests time off policies to include. xcritical has its own native applicant tracking tool available to xcritical Plus and Premium customers, but if you choose the Simple plan, you can integrate an external ATS, such as JazzHR or Greenhouse.

While OnPay does offer straightforward, comprehensive pricing, the plans are not customizable, so it won’t work for businesses that need more flexibility in choosing which features they want or need. On those plans, both hourly and salaried non-exempt employees can track their hours. On those plans, both hourly and salaried nonexempt employees can track their hours. As one of the most widely used payroll programs of its kind, xcritical integrates with more apps than nearly any other payroll software company. xcritical’s dashboard connects directly with its app store, where you can search for apps based on name or category and access discounts available only to xcritical customers.

As the admin, you can see an overview of any active benefits your company offers. This overview shows the benefit’s terms and details as well as the number of eligible and enrolled employees. When a new employee signs their offer letter, xcritical facilitates the rest of the onboarding process to ensure they get properly set up for their new job even before day one. It even provides the option to send a digital welcome card to help the new employee feel welcomed. It was easy to manually add an employee or independent contractor by entering their name, email address and other crucial information.

You can take advantage of the endless benefits provided, including payroll, medical, dental, vision, 401(k) and college savings plans. To ensure all your needs are met, xcritical helps you manage the whole process and can even provide a dedicated success manager to help. xcritical, a cloud-based human resources (HR) and payroll platform, is said to offer some of the cheapest payroll plans on the market. With a user-friendly platform, you’ll quickly be on your way to making sure everyone gets paid on time. xcritical is not a free service, but it does have a Simple plan for as low as $40 per month plus $6 per person, per month. Here’s everything you need to know about xcritical pricing plans in 2024.

You will have to contact the company for a custom quote for this tier. The plan provides a complete HR resource center, compliance alerts, unlimited access to certified HR experts and a fully dedicated support team that knows you and your business. Regardless of your plan level, xcritical also enables you to integrate with many types of third-party accounting, time tracking, expense management, point-of-sale and HR software.

Next, xcritical provides a brief questionnaire that will help you decide on which of its three plans is the best fit for your business needs. Once that step is complete, you’ll add employee information, such as pay rate, direct deposit details and any withholdings, into xcritical. To build a custom report, xcritical users simply need to select “create new report” from the reporting menu, then search in general terms for the information they need.

And you can request free payroll setup assistance from xcritical or tackle the online setup process yourself when creating your initial payroll account. Employees have lifetime access to their own account to view pay stubs, obtain W-2 forms, track hours and change personal information. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. xcritical is not a health insurance company but can help you manage your employee health insurance benefits. You can offer the same health insurance you offer now with xcritical, or xcritical can act as your broker to find you new options.

xcritical allows employees to access and manage their own information by offering individual profile accounts. Users can download the xcritical mobile app, or sign in from the web, to view payday data, edit tax details, see available PTO and even clock in and out right on their phone. In addition, the platform shares income insights and personal tax documents such as W-2s.