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So You’re in a Fight to the Death in a Hall of Mirrors

He’s a guy who fake cheap Michael kors handbags works with his hands. I’m sure if he even touched you, fake michael kors you’d shatter like a light bulb. OK, we’ll mark him down as Certain Murderer then, and plan appropriately.

Don’t bother. Phones use radio waves, which are basically light waves, which can’t escape your mirror lair.

I am cheap replica michael kors like 70 percent sure that’s true. Your only chance is to fight your way out.

Should I not pursue the 30 percent possibility that you might not be right?

There’s no time. Also, as the owner of this hall of mirrors, you have certain obligations as the villain cheap Michael Kors of this fight.

The only people who own halls of mirrors are villains and carnival owners. So which is it?

Do you have like a cruel echo y laugh?

OK, let’s try some cruel taunting at least. Shout out that he’s a con tractor. Stress the “con.”

No! He’s breaking the mirrors! He’s breaking my fucking mirrors!

No, he still might be going insane. Breaking a mirror is a pretty messed up thing to do. It suggests you don’t like looking at yourself, that you prefer the fractured, shattered view that a broken mirror replica cheap Michael Kors shows. If you’ve got a cruel laugh in you, now’s the time.

long non silence, the Facts of Life theme song drowning out all thought

He is actually crying audibly now.

Success! You’ve psychically crippled your opponent! Now then, walking with your hands out in front of you, carefully search for him.

OW! Wait. That mirror didn’t hurt at all. Putting my hands in front of me really worked.

I probably should have led with that advice, yeah.


Holy shit. He’s sobbing like a child.

Because you cheap Michael Kors asked him to build you a hall of mirrors, refused to pay, and are Michael Kors handbag outlet semi nakedly pursuing him throughout it while screaming that you plan on teaching him a lesson?


Yeah, that’s probably why. Oh man. He wasn’t trying to kill me.

He was just bigger than you. Most people cheap michael kors purses are, I bet. And cheap michael kors then you started stalking him through your lair.

He’s even calling for help. Like on the phone. Like the police. Oh shit.

I’m like 70 percent confident the police will think it’s a misunderstanding. Feeling a little less certain about that radio wave cheap michael kors handbags advice, though, so I’ll give you that one back.Articles Connexes:

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